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Why Houseboats in Alleppey Are Overrated & What’s Better?

Alleppey, known as the ‘Venice of the East,’ is the heart and soul of the Kerala backwaters. Tourists flock here, drawn by the allure of the Alleppey boat house experience.

While houseboat tours, often referred to as Kerala backwater cruises, are undoubtedly the most popular attraction, they might not be the quintessential backwater adventure for everyone.

The Houseboat Reality Check:

The vision of a traditional Kettuvallam (the original name for houseboats) drifting along the serene backwaters is what sells many on the authentic Kerala houseboat tours. But here’s what you might want to know:

    1. Limited Cruising Time: Despite the promise of extensive backwater routes, houseboats have to dock by the town side after 4 pm.
    2. Restricted Access: These floating villas can’t navigate through Alleppey’s narrower canals, limiting the authentic backwater experience.
    3. Pace & Amenities: While some luxuriate in the slow-paced glide of these luxury boat stays and appreciate the provided houseboat amenities, others might crave a more dynamic interaction with the backwaters.

Better Thing To Do in Alleppey – Backwater Kayaking

Alleppey backwaters during sunrise

For those desiring a more hands-on encounter than the typical overnight houseboat packages, kayaking offers an intimate brush with nature:

  • Unrestricted Exploration: Kayaks can traverse even the narrowest canals, accessing the real beauty of the backwaters.
  • Engagement with Nature: Experience the backwaters without the barriers of the Alleppey boat house rates and amenities.
  • Active Participation: Paddle, explore, and immerse yourself in nature.

Anybody Can Kayak, With Nadodi

For those unfamiliar with kayaking, Nadodi Kayaking offers guided tours designed for a memorable and safe experience. Navigate the waters, understand local stories, and appreciate the rich heritage of the backwaters with seasoned guides.


While the appeal of houseboats is undeniable, to truly connect with the heart of Alleppey’s backwaters, kayaking offers an unparalleled journey. The best thing to do in Alleppey is bacwkater kayaking.

Pack those adventure shoes, book a session with Nadodi Kayaking, and redefine your Alleppey adventure.