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The only island kayaking in Alleppey, through magical backwater routes in Alleppey, that no one will take you to!

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5:30AM to 8:30AM


4:30PM to 7:30PM

Pricing for the two available routes

Long Island Circle

Our primary route, that goes around an entire island village.
Distance: 6.5km

1500/ person

Chill Route

A shorter trip to the sunrise/sunset point, along the village.
Distance: 3.5km.

1000/ person

Both routes are 3 hours & can be done by first timers

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Tea & snacks

Free Tea & Snacks

Alleppey village walking tour

Village Walking Experience

Alleppey backwater boating

Free Backwater Boating

Candid Photography

Free Candid Photos

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Get free local expert guidance, to plan not only your kayaking trip, but the rest of your itinerary too.

I had one of the best experiences with Nadodi Kayaking. Me being someone who is scared of the depth of the water, their hospitality and guidance with their experience helped a lot.

The route, the colours during the kayak, the local characters I met during the journey was inspiring. Definitely a good choice to make mind and body wise ❤️


Fathima Hakkim
– Fathima Hakkim

Bird Islands

Meet Other Travelers

Vast Backwaters

Narrow Canals

Magical Routes

Anybody Can Kayak

  • No need to know swimming
  • Completely guided tours
  • Kayaks built for first timers
  • Life jackets provided

Why is this the best kayaking in Alleppey?

The routes, the destinations and the people.

Ours is a handpicked backwater route that you’re gonna love.

The places that we take you to, are places you won’t get to see no other way.

And last, but not the least, our guides. They are friendly and will take proper care of you

What's The Route?

We are the only kayak tour in Alleppey that goes around an entire island village.

It includes narrow canals, ferry routes, village side, paddy fields, bird islands, and even the vast backwaters for sunrise and sunset.

Tell me more about the free backwater boating?

Since we are on an island, a boat is an only way to get here.

For the sunrise trip, we will pick you up on the boat before the kayaking trip. Followed by a village walk and another boat crossing to get to the other side after the trip.

For the sunset trip, you will start off by a public boat crossing, followed by a village walk before the trip. And then, you will be dropped back on a boat to the meetup point afterwards.

So bascially, you’re getting a 10 mins free backwater boatijng as well.

Do you have both single & double seaters?

Yes we do.

We have kayaks that one person and two people can sit on.

How to book my kayaking trip?

It’s simple.

Check your availability using the above form first and lock your slot.

Or, you could even chat with us on WhatsApp or call us.

Do that now!

Is it safe to kayak in Alleppey?

Absolutely safe.

Alleppey backwaters is really a safe and amazing place to go kayaking. If you’re worried about the rain, it’s safe and even more fun to kayak when it rains.

What a fantastic experience! Had always wanted to kayak through the Alleppey backwaters and thanks to Nadodi Kayaking, I had just the best time ✨

We took the sunrise tour which started with the pickup from our hotel at 5am. It was completely dark and the sky was full with stars. Even spotted a beautiful & bright shooting star!! 🌠 We began to kayak around 5:30am and it was lovely to go through the quiet backwaters crossing so many still houseboats. Got to experience the stunning blue hour and a beautiful sunrise!

They also arranged a snack + tea break which was super nice. We returned around 8:30am with the bright sun against a pretty blue sky 🌤💙

A huge thanks to Amal for curating this experience!! 🌸 Would recommend to everyone who happens to visit Alleppey!

Anahita, Kayaker
– Anahita Pangtey

This was my second time kayaking, and my first time with Nadodi Kayaking. Where do I begin? It was an absolute blast.

Amal was the best guide ever; he ensured we were well informed about safety, procedures and the like, and his energy was infectious, especially when we were caught in the midst of torrential rain.

I’ve already recommended them to friends and will definitely be doing this again!

Santosh Kayaker
– Santosh GT

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