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Backwater Shikara Ride Isn’t The Best Thing To Do in Alleppey


Kayaking is. Read on!

Are you scrolling through options for a shikara ride in Alleppey? Hold up and hear us out. While shikaras are cool in their own traditional way, if you’re a young adventurer looking for something more thrilling and hands-on, you’ve got to try kayaking.
Here’s why kayaking isn’t just a ride, it’s an experience that will redefine your Alleppey trip.

Shikara vs. Kayak: The Real Thrill

Shikara rides? Sure, they’re relaxed and scenic. But let’s be real: they can be kinda slow and, well, predictable. You’re just sitting there, being ferried around. That’s where kayaking steals the show. Imagine slicing through the waters at your own pace, ducking under low-hanging branches, and discovering secret spots that shikaras can’t reach. That’s what adventure looks like!

Anybody Can Do It

That’s the best part. Our kayaking tours are made for first timers. You don’t need to have any previous kayaking experience, or be athletic or even know swimming.
The kayaks that we have are built for beginners and our tours are guided by expert trainers, while having full safety measures.

Get Active, Stay Fit

Kayaking isn’t just about sightseeing; it’s about feeling the burn in your arms as you paddle, getting that adrenaline rush, and experiencing the backwaters up close and personal. It’s the perfect combo of workout and exploration – something your Instagram feed will thank you for!

Eco-Friendly? Check!

No noisy engines here. Kayaking is as green as it gets. Glide through the waters silently, without disturbing the ecosystem. It’s your chance to get those stunning, serene backwaters shots while keeping it eco-friendly.

Your Adventure, Your Rules

Why follow a set route when you can create your own adventure? Kayaking gives you the freedom to explore hidden channels and make spontaneous detours. Whether it’s catching the sunrise in a quiet lagoon or racing your buddies to the next bend, kayaking lets you do Alleppey your way.

Ready to swap the slow boat for a kayak? It’s your adventure, your story. Kayaking offers the excitement, the connection with nature, and that awesome sense of achievement you just can’t get on a shikara ride.

Ready to Paddle into Adventure?

Got that adventurous spark? Just drop your phone number here, and we’ll hook you up with the coolest kayaking experience in Alleppey. No more scrolling for shikara rides – let’s get you on a real adventure!

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